I am honored and count myself lucky that you have landed here for whatever reason. Whether we have known each other for years or have yet to meet - I pray you find life, purpose, friendship, and truth woven through these words. 

A little bit about me - I am a 25-year-old Georgia native. I am married to the most amazing man. He gives of himself, and does almost anything to make me happy. Most days it only takes a wink & a smile from him. After 3.5 years at Georgia Southern University, I finished my undergrad at Liberty University with a degree in Religion: Christian Ministries. 

After deciding to move home from GSU, I didn't know what the outcome of that decision would be (and I certainly didn't think I would be living at home 2 years later). I began penning my thoughts, reservations, doubts, hopes, dreams, etc. Writing guided my heart back to God's - it was there I found alignment in desires, submission to callings, and permission from perfection. 

Ultimately, that is where this is being birthed from. The past two years have been marked with extraordinary amounts of stretching and tension that produced growth and peace. I want other people to enter into my place of hiding and rest, finding Truth amidst their circumstances. I'm not interested in celebrating my successes or wallowing in my failures. Rather I am interested in linking arm and arm with Scripture itself, walking in conviction and freedom to live out our calling. Enduring, at times, the painful labor of obedience, yet experiencing its beautiful, fruitful reward that is in Christ Jesus.  

In all, my desire is for people to fall in love with Jesus and the Scriptures. There is nothing more worthy of our devotion and I pray my life reflects nothing less.